Johann Acuña is a musician and Associate Worship Pastor who serves at Cross Church in Arkansas. He shares with us what it has been like for him to walk faithfully even though God doesn't always provide a clear road map. He also shares with us some of the challenges he has faced which God is using to grow him in further spiritual maturity. 


0:56 - Leaving Home 

7:50 - Discovering Purpose

10:40 - God equipping us

14:08 - Obey God’s call 

17:03 - Challenges faced in Music Ministry

20:45 - Worship Pastors shouldn’t forget about pastoring 

21:59 - Being flexible in Ministry 

26:24 - Being thankful for our talents and gifts

28:03 - Music for Worship and Evangelism

30:00 - The Gospel around the World


Hebrews 11:6

Genesis 12

Matthew 4:19

1 Kings 19:21

Ephesians 4:11-16

Matthew 28:19-20

Deuteronomy 6:4


A lot of times we Worship Pastors focus too much on the adjective and not on the fact that we are pastors.

Any good shepherd is not going to get so caught in the title that he neglects the sheep. He is not going to get obsessed with the act of shepherding that he forgets the purpose.

As pastors, it would be a disservice to the sheep to be preoccupied by good things; I need to get a new staff, I need to prepare the barn, I need to do this and that… that the sheep are unattended.

When the sheep are unattended, that’s when the enemy comes to seek and devour and destroy and to mislead.

Sometimes are people are neglected by the very ministry we are called to.

Music is a universal tool in God’s arsenal.

Music is a tool for worship and a tool to reach people, because everyone loves music. 

The countries that have had access to the gospel the longest are often the coldest.

In the western societies... Christian is more of a title than a lifestyle.  

Our number one calling is fellowship with Christ.

I feel we turn Christianity into Church attendance 

I think the reason it’s declining is because people don’t see the power of God in these churches, they don’t see the presence of God in these churches they just see empty rituals and empty orders and songs that maybe speak about God, or try to worship God but the Spirit is not there and without the Spirit being there, we are just making noise.  

Business as usually in churches is not working.

Once unbelievers see the power of God to transform someone’s life, and they encounter God, then they will be transformed and their family, and their community, and their city and we then see a movement.

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